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Photographic Backdrop for:

- neonatal photography
- kids photography
- wedding photography
- product photography
- photo booths

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Płatności online tpay

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Photographic backgrounds for: neonatal, children's, wedding, product photography and photo booths.

We produce photographic backgrounds for 10 years already. We constantly improve quality of our services. We print our backgrounds in our modern machine park. We use eco and latex cartridges. The company was founded to provide best quality backgrounds. We have the largest selection of backgrounds in Europe. Each photographer will find something for every occasion. If you haven't found a design that interests you - write to us and we will try to help.

We offer backgrounds on 3 types of materials


Standard vinyl 510g/m2Matt vinyl material. Designed to eliminate reflections of flash. It's resistant to moisture and scratches. It's easy to clean (water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid). Economic material for every photographer - from amateur to professional.

Ultra matte vinyl 510g/m2It's a heavily matte vinyl material. Reflections are reduced to the minimum. It's resistant to scratches and moisture. It's flexible and easy to clean (water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid). Background is white on the other side and can be used on both sides.


Premium fabric 240g/m2 Top quality backgrounds. A special fabric that does not glare. It can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius. It doesn't bend nor scratch and it's tear resistant. It's very light - easy to transport and store. It may be ironed on the left side.

Delivery time

Standard vinyl 510g/m22-3 business days
Ultra matte vinyl 510g/m22-3 business days
Premium fabric 240g/m23-5 business days


We always send our backgrounds rolled up. We never fold them. We ship to Poland and European Union through DPD.


Standard proportions of our backgrounds

SizeProportions: wall + floor
100 x 150 cm80 cm wall + 70 cm floor
140 x 200 cm100 cm wall + 100 cm floor
140 x 260 cm130 cm wall + 130 cm floor
140 x 300 cm160 cm wall + 140 cm floor
160 x 400 cm160 cm wall + 140 cm floor
200 x 400 cm220 cm wall + 180 cm floor
200 x 500 cm220 cm wall + 180 cm floor
250 x 400 cm220 cm wall + 180 cm floor
250 x 500 cm250 cm wall + 250 cm floor
100 x 100 cmonly wall lub floor
160 x 160 cmonly wall lub floor
200 x 200 cmonly wall lub floor
250 x 250 cmonly wall lub floor

We can do any proportions you like. If you want to change the proportions - please let us know in the email. You do not know what size of the background to choose? Do you have any questions? Call us - 509 091 187 You can choose whether the background should be: wall and floor or should it be wall or the floor only.

If you want to change the floor - write to us: As a standard, we make a tunnel with a diameter of 6 cm in which you can place the crossbar from the tripod.


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