Photographic backdrop mount kit (2x stand 72-230cm + foldable beam 130-300 cm)

Photographic backdrop mount kit

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Photographic backdrop mount kit (2x stand 72-230cm + foldable beam 170cm)
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Photographic backdrop mount kit (2x tripod 72-230cm + foldable beam 170cm)

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The assembly dimensions have been reduced by a telescopic folding mechanism, thus not limiting the wide operating range (ranging from 75 to 230 cm, adjustable smoothly at any height) and versatility.
The unfold of the set is straightforward - simply insert the crossbar on the tripod mandrels.
Tripods can be used separately, under lighting or other study accessories.

It consists of 3 elements:
2x 230cm high stand (may also be used as a lighting tripod)
1x sliding beam for hanging up to a maximum width of 160 cm.

The beam at each end has a hole of 12mm in diameter.

Durable materials - aluminum and plastic
Studio head: 16mm + 1/4 "stem
Maximum working height in monopod: 230cm
Minimum working height: 75cm
Dimensions when folded: 71cm
Telescopic unfold mechanism
Terminals locking sections
Anti-slip feet
Carrying capacity up to 3kg
CE certificate, Rohs