The delivery and returns


We have responsible mail-order policy. We care that our customers receive our order on time. Therefore we use two companies offering courier dispatches. Thanks to printed and electronic numbers of sending you are always able to locate your parcel and you are informed about the date and time of delivery.

Return / customer complaint

Thanks to honest policy of our services the customer has the right to return purchased goods or to make customer complaint in the event that the ordered product has a defect or a few defects. In order to make a return / consumer complaint - one should download and fill in the form appropriately.

The right to withdraw from the agreement entered from a distance isn't entitled to a customer with reference to the agreements in which the product is nonprefabricated, produced according to the specification of the consumer or was made to meet his/her individualized needs.

Individual order

The Consumer will not be able to withdraw from the contract of sale in the event that he/she determined individual features of goods and the Entrepreneur according to Consumer's guidelines delivers such goods. The examples of such individual orders are:

- floor slat cut to the dimension determined by the consumer.

- textile material cut to the dimension

- engraving or sewing initials or any other contents on goods

- delivering a T-shirt with a printed photograph which was sent by a customer

Production of goods

The consumer will not be able to withdraw from an agreement in case of goods notprefabricated, produced according to the specification of the customer.